The Expulsion of Chelsea


Sir, - Re expulsion of the Chelsea Football Club from the Federal Football Association, a brief statement from the Chelsea club point of view may give your readers some idea of the actual facts leading up to the unconstitutional expulsion of the above club.
To go back to the first meeting of Moorabbin and Chelsea on 29th May, in the secretary’s report sent in to the delegate’s meeting, no mention was made of injuries received by players of Chelsea club at that match. On that date Chelsea sent into the field about the lightest team they have had of the season, and our casualties were four men seriously hurt—Mr H. Ellis, broken shoulder; Mr L. McCann—severe dislocation of ankle; Mr H. Wright—injury to knee; Mr F. Davies—injury to kidney and others with minor hurts. We did not make any complaint re this treatment, but took it as part of the game. At the match on Saturday, Moorabbin evidently thought that they could again make a chopping block of Chelsea, but found Chelsea prepared to give back a bump for every one that was given, and yet throughout the match there was not an incident of two players coming to actual blows which speaks for itself. The Chelsea club, however, were again unfortunate in the give and take by having two players seriously hurt—Mr H. Hawkins, broken ribs; Mr L. Steel, dislocated knee.
Two unfortunate incidents happened after the final bell had rung; one was the umpire being struck either by a player or a spectator once and once only. Officials of Chelsea Football Club and police rallied to the protection of the umpire and escorted him to the dressing rooms and at no other time during the match was the umpire in any danger from the barrackers or the players. The second incident was that of a Moorabbin player being chased by some hot headed barrackers, but this, however, was brought on by the Moorabbin player who, on leaving the ground in a jinker jeered at the crowd and put his fingers to his nose in a contemptuous gesture.
Further, we the Chelsea Club have been legally advised that under the rules of the Federal Football Association they have been wrongly expelled and unless they are reinstated the whole competition may be declared off. The Chelsea Club have decided to insist on reinstatement and any other rights they may have.

W. G. OLIVER, President
N. E. McCAULEY, Hon. Secretary.
Chelsea Football Club


The matter did not end there as Chelsea President, Councillor Oliver, of the newly formed Chelsea Municipality, lodged a Supreme Court Injunction against the Federal Committee's ban on The Club, pending an appeal. This allowed Chelsea one more game , that being against Heatherton who, it is rumoured, forfeited, although scores indicating a big win to Chelsea were submitted. Chelsea had to withdraw it's threatened legal proceedings when it discovered the huge costs associated with continuing.

With Chelsea suspended for the 1921 season many of it's players continued to play with the Carrum Team in the newly formed Mornington Peninsula Football League where they became part of a successful Premiership Team. They returned to Chelsea in 1922. 

Ref: “Moorabbin News”

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