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Buxton Chelsea’s culture is built on four pillars; their people, their passion, loyalty and empowerment. Buxton Chelsea’s philosophy is to empower their team which gives them a sense of ownership in the business. Evident in their results, Buxton Chelsea is a team built on passion and loyalty. “As real estate agents, we are here to guide our clients through their transactions, provide them all the facts and knowledge, so they can make informed decisions to achieve exceptional results.” Their young and innovative team, share the same view to improve a client’s real estate journey in every aspect, from the administration side to sales and property management. “Real Estate is an ever-changing industry, and as a team, we need to ensure we are keeping up with moving times. The best way for this is to promote creativity in work-flow and trust in our people”. Led by hands on directors, Bianca Keleher and Daniel Wright, the team have a unique bond, which makes their working days enjoyable and in turn, the output of work, quality. “Goal setting is something we do regularly and share with one another. We always try to keep each other accountable and motivated to achieve those goals, whether they be work-related or personal. There’s nothing better than seeing someone in your team succeed.” Buxton Chelsea’s unmatched industry knowledge is stemmed from their people, many of those with long tenure in the business. They truly understand the diverse area that Chelsea and surrounding suburbs are, and can achieve top-tier results for all properties, from villa units to multi-million dollar waterfront homes. Living locally and growing up in the Bayside areas, the team is passionate about the community. They understand the importance of supporting local businesses, and being involved in community events. Buxton Chelsea are proud major sponsors of the Aspendale Lifesaving Club, Edithvale Fire Brigade and Bonbeach Football Club.