BACK: A. Oliver, M. Turner, R. Jacobsen, K. Fraser, W. Staff, J. Johnson, F. Coad, I. Johnstone, C. Foss (Trainer)
MIDDLE: C. Black (Trainer), A. Smart, F. Jones, D. Cameron, C. Turner (Captain), K. Tait, A. McKenzie, P. Doyle,
A. Vaughan, J. Edwards
FRONT: W. Hunter, R. Kempson, W. Staff Jnr (Mascot), E. Hannon, N. Hankinson, J. Tonkin (Trainer)

Team   W  L D  P  %
Chelsea  13   0 1 54  196
Mordialloc 11   2 1 46 165
Nth Brighton   9   5  36 146
Highett    9   5  36 134
Cheltenham   6   8  24   87
Mentone    4 10  16   75
Parkdale    1 12      1   6   46
Ormond    1 12      1    6   36
CHELSEA           :  0.1    4.6    4.13   14.17   101 PTS
MORDIALLOC   :  0.5    0.7    2.10      3.12     30 PTS
B     M. Turner Staff  Hannan
HB   Hunter McFarlane     Edwards
C     McKenzie Hankinson     Jones
HF   Doyle Jacobsen       Kempson
F     C. Turner Smart  Skuce
R     Johnson Fraser    Cameron
Gerrard punched out to Rowe but scrambling play forward carried the ball out behind the posts. Fraser was freed in the pack and returned to the centre where Jones, marking well, sent play back to the goals and Rowe, dashing out of the ruck, pushed through for a single. Houghton marked but kicked out. A long kick by Clay was splendidly pulled down by McFarlane. However, Pierce neatly returned and again the wind carried the play out to the wing. Skuce cleverly relieved to McKenzie who sent on to the centre. Quick work by Winfield enabled Howe to take a running shot for goals, but only one flag waved. Marking the kick off well, Rowe kicked nicely for goals, but again with only the minor result. Hunter snapped up and forwarded, but was checked by Pierce who found Rowe ready. Winfield carried on the movement with a single resulting. The red and whites were doing all the attacking, but poor kicking on the forward line prevented them from gaining an appreciable lead. Fast work by Hunter, Jacobsen and Skuce put the blue and whites in a dangerous position in front, and only fine marking by Miller broke down their attack and play was transferred back to the centre. The respite was only temporary and beautiful marks by Skuce and Hannan enabled Kempson to snap first single for Chelsea. Pierce passed on to Frencham, but McKenzie checked their progress and Johnson sent on. Weight was not spared and at times the play became a little willing, but splendid umpiring by Tarbottom enabled him to keep a hold on the game. Houghton picked out Clay, Saunders persistency was rewarded with the inevitable single. Winfield and Saunders, combining well, baffled Johnson and McKenzie and again the flag was waved for a point. McKenzie marked brilliantly in teeth of goals and only stopped Mordialloc from breaking their run of singles. Clay was freed on the bell but he was too far out and the board showed the scores:  Mordialloc 0.5 Chelsea 0.1
Fine work on the forward line and in the centre enabled Chelsea to gain a lead of 23 points in the second term. Houghton came out of the ruck but was returned by Jacobsen to Hannan. Good play to McKenzie enabled C. Turner to pick out Kempson and the two flags waved for the first time for the day. In a twinkling of an eye Jones had received from Turner and got the full points with a long, driving drop kick. Gerrard forwarded to Saunders and Rowe, marking well, stabbed for the minor. Elusive play by Winfield was countered by Hankinson who returned to Johnson. A long shot from Hannan only brought a point. Chelsea added two points in quick succession when Edwards and Skuce, playing beautiful football, burst through the red and white defence and left Kempson in a safe position for the six points. A movement forward by Smart, Max Turner and Edwards was neatly repelled by Winfield. However Kempson broke through to Skuce with two flags signalling third goal for Chelsea. A fierce attack by Bourne and Rowe was thrust back by Hankinson and a show of clever system in which McFarlane, Jacobsen and Doyle were prominent, left the ball in Kempson's hands. A beautiful angle shot brought last score for the quarter.
The end of the third term saw the scores a little more even with Chelsea still in the lead. Clay forwarded to Winfield but a great save by M. Turner sent play back to the centre. Smart handballed to Hunter who found Hankinson ready with a single resulting. In a twinkling the ball was down the other end. Richardson, who had replaced Fordham in the second quarter, picked out Coburn, Houghton marked and the one flag was raised. Bright play in which Clay and Frencham starred enabled Pierce to dash around the wing to goals. A long shot could not reach the big sticks. Turner to Hunter and they were on the run again. Fraser, marking well stabbed to Skuce and clever play got the maximum. Pierce was on the run around the wing again but was smartly pulled up by McFarlane. Nichols returned and Maxwell dashed through for the usual behind. Mordialloc had had ten shots and got only as many points. However they broke their run of bad luck in a burst of fine play which drew the applause from the supporters. Saunders, marking high snapped to Fielder. Rowe ran forward and a running stab raised the first sixer for the Red and Whites. Concerted play by Winfield, Frencham and Rowe earned the second goal for Mordialloc just as the bell rang.
The last quarter hardly needs describing as Chelsea piled on goal after goal, their fast attacks smashing down the Mordialloc defence and just kicking goals as the minutes were ticked off. Kempson was the sharp shooter who did most of the damage for Chelsea.
Final: Chelsea 14.17—101 def Mordialloc 3.12—30
McKenzie was awarded the umpire's vote as the best and fairest player on the field, while he got able backing from Hunter, Hannan and Staff. Kempson and Skuce continually harassed the Mordialloc backs. Johnson and Turner did good work.
Mordialloc's best were Rowe, Winfield, Clay, Frencham, Houghton, Pierce and Saunders. Duce who replaced Gerrard played well.

CHELSEA         :  Kempson 7, Jones 2, Skuce 2, Staff, McKenzie, Smart.
MORDIALLOC :    Rowe 2, Duce.

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