(L to R) : Bossy Hunter, Joey Johnson, Alby Smart, Bobby Loveless, Max Turner, Ron Kempson,
Vaughan, Andy Naughton, Norm Hankinson, Fred Coad, Bonnie Johnstone,
Leo Hannan, Rueben Johnstone, Clarry Turner (V.C), Archie McDonald,
Jack Edwards, Bill Staff, Alex McKenzie (Captain)
Team    W     L  P   %
Chelsea   12     0   48 218
Mordialloc   7     5   28 130
Cheltenham   7     5 28 116
Moorabbin   7     5 28 101
Nth Brighton   6     6 24   99
Mentone    2   10   8   85
Parkdale   1   11     4   48

Last week rang down the curtain on the juniors for this season and the young gentlemen of Chelsea and Mordialloc certainly made their exit in a blaze of glory, for the match reached the heights early in the game and stayed there until the last bell. Played at amazing speed, there was not a dull moment throughout. Chelsea were on the mark early and mainly through the agency of Kempson had scored three goals before the Red Robin's chickens got a start, and before the first quarter ended Mordialloc were within reaching distance of Chelsea.

The second quarter was almost level pegging and the ball travelled from end to end with lightning like rapidity. Fast and open, with Chelsea excelling in the crushes and the Mordialloc defence like a rock on which the Chelsea attacks broke down.
In the third quarter Chelsea stormed the goal but the defence held for a time but under the repeated attacks it bent and finally broke and Chelsea swept through and in the last few minutes of the quarter they carried all before them, and at the last interval of the match appeared to be safe in their keeping. But the premiership is not won until the last bell is rung. On this occasion it rang a little too soon for Mordialloc, for they fought the good fight that last quarter and for this particular quarter the honours were theirs, and the Chelsea backmen fought off attack after attack when the game seemed to be going Mordialloc's way, and the bell found Chelsea premiers with a margin of four points to spare. There were some great boys afield in this match which was one of the finest games of the season, irrespective of either grade. Indeed I doubt whether any match played this season has been played at greater pace, but before mentioning the players, pride of place in the honour roll goes to umpire Cain who made the game the fine spectacle it undoubtedly was. On top from the start he held the game in the hollow of his hand, and his was the coolest head either inside or outside the fence, and if player and spectator alike were pleased with his exhibition he enjoyed his part in a truly splendid game.
Of the lads, I placed Frencham of Mordialloc as the player of the match. The Wacker Leitch of the game, always there, always doing the right thing at the right moment and grit to the backbone. Kicked in the jaw, he got up and played on - a magnificent example of courage. Next for the game for his side, Kempson of Chelsea earns his bracket; never wasting a kick and six goals out of the nine scored, and working for each of them, he had the most prominent part in winning the premiership. Johnson of Chelsea was always where the fight raged fiercest and, although a trifle overeager at times, he had a large share in the victory. Turner, the Chelsea full-back would grace any senior side, and when the pressure came in the last stages of the game he was not found wanting. Others who reached their top for Chelsea were M. Turner, Hankinson, R. and J. Johnson.
Next to Frencham, Jack Couper, the Mordialloc youngster, displayed some extraordinary football, and is a lad with remarkable football gifts with an awkward style that baffled his opponents. He handled the ball every time it came his way, always got his kick and always sent it in the right direction. He should go far. Jones gave Mordialloc a great game, as also did Nicholls, Garrard, Williams and Rowe.

Chelsea v Mordialloc
As predicted, it was a battle royal at Mentone last week when Chelsea annexed their second consecutive premiership by a narrow margin of four points. Mordialloc were never far behind and at lemon time it was anybody's game.
Assisted by fine weather the match was fought out cleanly in the highest standard of the Australian code. Max Turner, who returned from Tassie for the match, gave Chelsea his best game. Unbeatable on the back line this aeronaut was undoubtedly the best on the ground. Reub Johnson showed great judgement and his kicking, like Turner's, was a revelation. Clarrie, as full back, like his namesake, also gave his best game, marking and clearing his goal in great style at the critical moments. Ron Kempson's accuracy forward was another winning factor. The mosquito fleet, Hunter, Vaughan, Smart, Phillips and Joe Johnson were under notice all through for their nippy play. Others who were consistent in defence were Loveless, Hankinson and Tarzan.
Mordialloc's best were: Jones, Frencham, Couper, Garrard, Williams, Nicholls and Rowe.

Chelsea 9.18—72 Pts def Mordialloc 9.14—68 Pts
CHELSEA         : Kempson 6, Hannan, Vaughan, Edwards.
MORDIALLOC :  T. Rowe 2, Garrard 2, Fliener, Bryne, Williams, Couper, Goldsborough.


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