BACK ROW : McLeod, Musgrove, Cam, Ferguson, Brunstein, Loveless, Warren, Charlton.
SECOND ROW : Bullough, Hamilton, Turner, Hocking, C. Jones, Wilkie, Johnstone, Evans,
Townsend, Dobright, B. Jones.
THIRD ROW : Cook, Cameron, B. Johnstone, Dennington, Harris, R. Musgrove, McFarlane, Atwell.
FRONT ROW : K. Musgrove, Sullivan, Phillips, Unknown, Smith, Carlson.

CHELSEA : 7.5   10.9   16.9   22.13   145 PTS
HIGHETT  : 3.3   10.9   13.9   16.13   109 PTS
Chelsea Premiers 1936
The aim and design of every football season is to work from match to match, each one increasing in interest until the final stage is entered. If the season works out according to plan, the second round should be a succession of thrills. We had that in every sense of the word last season, but in any case the grand final should be the climax. Grand in its fullest meaning, Chelsea and Highett fulfilled the design in full measure with a magnificent display that for intense interest, speed and stamina and every attribute that the game provides was present, and every spectator would surely agree that there was never a dull moment.
Chelsea kicked towards the Gas Works goal, and on the bounce, they flashed away straight through to goal. Highett, like the previous week, were slow to find their feet, and Chelsea once more made for goal, a point resulting. Highett raced the ball into attack, but Chelsea drove them off. Highett's forwards were astray and it was all Chelsea's play. Thirteen points and Highett had hardly crossed the centre. Hardly had the Chelsea cheers died than Chelsea scored full points again.
Stirred to desperation, Highett, with rare determination, stormed the goal and, with clever forward work, which feature was to distinguish their play throughout, a beautiful mark in front deserved better fortune than the resulting point. The score stood 19 points to 1. Highett fought back from the kick-off, and a splendid try from an acute angle again struck the post. Highett had found their feet at last, and their next attack was a nicely executed move, a lovely kick bringing full points. Chelsea's reply was prompt and effective and they unwound a brilliant burst that left the opposition standing. In as many minutes they scored four goals straight. A lead of six goals would have chastened most teams, but the bulldogs from Highett proved of sterner stuff, and before the quarter ended, they found the tall posts twice, changing ends with a 26 point deficit.
Highett now realised that the battle was on and, showing far better understanding, they set about reducing the deficit. Travelling by the shortest route, they attacked down the centre. With Palmer playing the game of his life they gradually but surely crept closer. Thrusts by Chelsea were productive of points, but Highett were not to be denied and just prior to the long interval, amidst enthusiasm, they  levelled the scores and went to the long interval on equal terms.
During the interval the chief topics of discussion were what a wonderful asset to the Federal League was their District Section, the general agreement being there was no better football anywhere than that being provided by these contestants. As the teams re-entered the arena, the chief query was could they keep it up. Highett were first away, and went into the lead. For a time they were definitely superior, and Chelsea were becoming anxious. They sprang a move that Highett could not counter. Norm Harris was sent forward to direct the attack and, directing play to the left hand wing, they set up an irresistible attack which gave them an 18 point lead at the last change.
The teams crossed over with Highett slightly favoured. They were to kick to what had been the scoring end, and, for a time it seemed they would fulfill expectations. They got within one goal of their opponents and then, with dramatic suddenness, Chelsea swung the game. With perfect co-ordination and, with wing centres dominating, they gave an example of concerted play that has been seldom equalled, never to slack until the final victory.
So ended a truly magnificent game. Chelsea had attained the premier’s crown, and if this was a sample of their season's play, they had richly deserved it. Highett went down with their colours untarnished, and although they played wildly in the last few minutes of the game, it was born of desperation. They can be forgiven for this lapse. No game this season or last has given this writer greater pleasure and congratulations are equally extended to the defeated side.
It is difficult to select those who could be termed the best, for practically the whole of the thirty six players pulled their weight. However, there are a few on each side who deserve special mention. For Chelsea, Evans, whose powerful ruckwork, initiative, and splendid kicking mark him as a player with a distinct future. He was the dominating factor in the burst that silenced Highett. Smith showed just how valuable a wing-centre can be. Never had a free kick awarded against him all day. He also has a future. Jack Dennington, an old favourite, ‘led’ in every sense of the word his team to victory. Norm Harris, with his directive play, was invaluable for Chelsea. The remaining fourteen players could all be named for distinctive play. Highett were hardly as effective though they played really well. One exception, however, was Dicky Leigh, who played up on his previous week's form. A really most impressive performance was that of Beck, the Highett half-back. Chelsea made a very clever move when they swung the game away to the flanks for he dominated this position. Amazing dash and the ability to recover were his chief assets. Coleman and Palmer proved they are two of the most promising players of the season. Both should develop into players of first rank.

The game was admitted by all to be one of the most striking exhibitions of the game seen in recent years and umpire Tarbottom shares in the distinction in that his display was the great factor in making it so. He was warmly congratulated by quite a number of people who said that this was the first Federal League match that they had seen. A most striking tribute to a most sterling effort.
Team   W   L  D  P
Mentone    10   4    40
Highett      9   4    36
Chelsea   9   4  36
Mt Waverley  8   5  1 34
Edi-Asp   8   6  32
Mordialloc  7   7  28
Cheltenham   3  10  1 14
Black Rock  0  14     0

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