1ST XV111 PREMIERS - 1963
BACK  (L to R) : P. Arnold, C. Gunstone, R. McKay, B. McKay, R. Wescott, B. Boyle.
SECOND ROW : M. Duffy, T. Clapham, R. Spencer, W. McLeod, G. Huxtable, W. Armstrong.
THIRD ROW : B. Armstrong, T. Gray, K. White (Captain-Coach), K. Knight, L. McGuigan, K. Bergin.
FRONT ROW : J. Brown, P. Caddy (Mascot), L. Minotti.

Thrilling Grand Final -
Chelsea takes Second Pennant
In ideal conditions at Mornington last Saturday, Chelsea snatched victory from a keen and clever Frankston side by the slenderest possible margin, one point, in a game that will live in the memory of Peninsula football followers for years to come. Frankston had a clear margin at three quarter time and excitement mounted to fever pitch in the final term  as Chelsea, with the use of the wind, hammered at the goals and gradually made up the leeway.
 Frankston skipper, Alan Wickes, won the toss and decided to kick with the wind. The Dons went quickly into attack through Roy Schmidt, who passed to “Lightning” Bassett, who goaled.
McGuigan and Clapham sent the ball forward for Chelsea, but Peters turned out both attacks.
Even at this stage Schmidt was starring and he goaled after taking a beautiful mark.
Chelsea opened its score with a point and Bernie McKay from point blank range kicked another. Then Roy McKay, gathering the ball in on the half-back line, bounced it along for 80 yards and kicked the Seagulls’ first major.
Paul Arnold was instrumental in turning out Don attacks time after time.
Spencer with a beautiful left foot kick registered another major. Arnold, with a long, clearing dash found Minotti who scored full points to give Chelsea a four point lead at the first change.
The pace was a cracker and the crowd wondered how long players could keep it up in the warm conditions.
Frankston again went quickly into attack through Wotherspoon and Rosenbrock who found Lowe for a goal.
McGuigan and Clapham were dominating the wings for the Seagulls.
Tom Gray found “Doc” White who kicked an amazing goal from an almost impossible angle.
The Dons, against the wind, were keeping the pressure on with fast and clever play.
Bill Armstrong scooped in the ball and figured in another 70 yard dash before passing to White who goaled.
Peters, with strong marking and long, raking kicks was proving a real headache for Chelsea.
Duffy, rucking strongly and tirelessly found Gunstone who passed to Brown to Minotti for another goal. Chelsea by three points at half time.
Chelsea went into attack but once again Peters turned it out.
Schmidt marked and goaled for the Dons and Chelsea found its lead disappearing. Schmidt goaled again and Bond followed his example to give Frankston an 11 point lead at the orange break.
Frankston scored a couple of points and then Boyle found Clapham for Chelsea’s 11th goal. Bond kicked the Dons’ 13th to hold their two goal lead.
Minotti, one of the smallest men on the ground, brought off the mark of the day and kicked a major.
A compliment to Frankston was the move of Gray to centre-half-forward and White to the centre.
From a free in the goal square, Bergin made no mistake and Chelsea hit the front by two points.
Points to the Dons by Bond and Bassett and with only four minutes to go scores were level. Bill Armstrong was replaced by Ken Knight.
White, with a long shot kicked a point to regain the lead. With time running out, the Seagulls bombarded the goals under pressure, but couldn’t manage a score and the siren was drowned by the yells of supporters.
The game was of excellent standard and the fitness of both sides was a credit to their coaches.
Chelsea players all wore black armbands as a mark of respect to the late  Mr F. Shillinglaw, a patron of the club.
Kandy Kay award : Les Minotti (5 goals); Carr’s Timber award: Paul Arnold; Johnston’s Men’s Wear award: Tony Clapham; President’s award: “Doc White (2 goals); B. Gilmartin’s award: Laurie McGuigan; B. Higgins Award: Kevin Bergin.
Ref : “Frankston Standard” - October 23rd, 1963.
CHELSEA :    3.4       5.7        6.12      11.16 82 POINTS
CARRUM  :    1.5      2.11    6.17        9.19 73 POINTS
CHELSEA :  Bergin (4), White, McLeod, Armstrong, B. McKay, Duffy.
CARRUM  : Hillis, Brumby, McKenzie (3), Gibbons, Hopgood, Walton.
BACKS :  B. Boyle   P. Arnold         B. Armstrong
HALF-BACKS T. Gray   R. McKay        W. McLeod
CENTRES :  T. Clapham   W. Armstrong    L. McGuigan
HALF-F’WARDS :   J. Brown         K. White         C. Gunstone
FORWARDS : K. Bergin   R.Spencer  M. Duffy
RUCKS  B. McKay  R. Wescott L. Minotti
19TH : G. Huxtable  20TH :     K. Knight    
UMPIRE :  Jeff Crouch. 
CHELSEA       : 3.5      8.7      10.8      13.11      89 PTS
FRANKSTON :  3.1      8.4      12.7      13.10      88 PTS
CHELSEA     :  L. Minotti, P. Arnold, T. Clapham, K. White,
  L. McGuigan, K. Bergin
FRANKSTON :  Peters, Bassett, Lowe, Schmidt, Wickes,
  Smith, Pavlou.
CHELSEA     :  L. Minotti 5, K. White 2, Spencer 2, R. McKay,
  B. McKay, Clapham, Bergin.
FRANKSTON :  Schmidt 3, Lowe 3, Bond 2, Harr 2, Butler 2,
The selection process was pretty simple. I would table my preferred team and the other selectors would reflect on it and argue for any changes.
On this particular occasion the team was tabled and, after a few minutes:
CLAUDE: “Clapham should be out.”
DOC: “What?”
CLAUDE: “Clapham should be out.”
DOC: “Claude, he was Best on Ground last week. What do you mean?”
CLAUDE: “Nah. Shouldn’t get a game.”
DOC: “C’mon Claude you will need to give us a reason for dropping him.”
CLAUDE: “He should be out. He wouldn’t buy a raffle ticket off me last week!!!!
In what many claim to have been the greatest grand final ever witnessed in the MPFL, the brilliant Chelsea became the first club for fifteen years to win successive Mornington Peninsula League premierships when they downed Frankston by a point last Saturday. The last team to win consecutive premierships was Hastings (1946-7-8) when  John Coleman was their full forward.
 The two sides were at full strength and both gave a terrific display. Perhaps Chelsea was a little more steady on the day, particularly in the last twenty minutes of hectic, desperate football.
It was a great final term - as good as you would see anywhere. Frankston held a narrow lead until shortly before the time-on period.
In a scuffle in front of the Chelsea goal, rover Kevin Bergin was grabbed around the neck and received a free and goaled to give Chelsea a two point advantage.
Although kicking against a stiff breeze lion hearted Frankston drove the ball forward twice and two points levelled the scores before Chelsea flashed the ball forward to regain the lead with a point.
3-ROY SCHMIDT (Frankston). Never stopped trying in a desperate bid for victory. Rucked strongly and his marking was excellent.
2-TONY CLAPHAM (Chelsea). Courageous display on the wing. Repeatedly sent his side into attack.
1-LES MINOTTI (Chelsea). Was valuable in a forward pocket with five goals.
8-JEFF CROUCH Capped off a great season with another grand display. Allowed the game to flow and played a big part in making it thrilling and action-packed.
The Chelsea celebrations were well attended and received a surprise visit from a Frankston contingent late in the night. Frankston coach Alan Wickes and a few of his players, their wives dressed in Chelsea jumpers and footy boots, appeared unexpectedly.  The group meandered across the newly polished floor to the stage where they basically took over the function for about thirty minutes. It was a wonderful atmosphere.
One outcome of their visit was the banning of the Chelsea Football Club from the venue as the management simply would not believe that the damage done to their floor was by football boots worn by the wives of the opposition team.
The highlight was when the two captains ‘Doc’  White and Alan Wickes were carried on the shoulders of players around the hall to the cheers of members of both clubs. 
There were no losers - no winners - just two groups of grand footballers, true pals and fine ambassadors for the M.P.F.L. at this function.
Ref : “Frankston Standard” - October 23rd, 1963

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