2007 - DOUG KOOP

This was Chelsea’s first appointment of a non-playing coach since Noel Hopgood in 1980. They had  just experienced an eight week period in which coach Tim Scott-Branagan had been forced to coach from the boundary and could see some merit in the idea. 

The club hierarchy turned to one of the Peninsula’s best regarded non-playing coaches in Doug Koop, who happened to be available at the time. Coming direct from YCW where he had coached an abundance of young players, Doug found himself in charge of a team of experienced and seasoned campaigners who needed little teaching.

This team had just won a premiership but lost several key players including the coach, Crough, Mann, Bristoe, Adams and the Bowey brothers over the summer. But the team was lacking in youth, Doug’s area of specialisation. Recruiting was limited this year and he was unable to attract players himself. The team was always going to be up against it.

Doug was a very professional coach and an excellent tactician, who understood the game. He knew how to manage his players and get the best out of them but he simply did not have sufficient quality players at his disposal to get the team beyond sixth position, which was a disappointing result. 

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